Sherwood Design Headquarter

Taipei, Taiwan


"The sky and earth give birth to water, and Ren and Gui are called Sherwood, based on which the design concept is formed." Like a modern version of the Round Table Knights' hall, it actually implies the chivalry, responsibility, and glory derived from the classical knight spirit.
With an equal attitude and an indispensable cohesion, it pursues the ideal "Holy Grail" in design;
this also corresponds to the design theme of the headquarters.

Through the use of various architectural, humanistic, natural, and cultural symbolic vocabularies, in this hall, we will hold the key to dreams, push open one creative door after another, gallop on the secluded path of our minds.

We journey on the broad road of our thoughts, pursuing this wonderful journey of life pilgrimage.
"When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it."