Sherwood Design

With a sensitive heart and design wisdom, we become the eternal stars that guide the direction of design, gather the talent and passion of spatial creative culture, and continue to create touching and valuable treasures of the times.

About Sherwood

關於 玄武設計

Sherwood Design is a unique style brand that combines architectural aesthetics and interior design.
takes root in the East, and draws on the British.

The future trends in architecture and design will far exceed what can be imagined now.

Injecting the answers into every corner of life,
Sherwood Design will lead you on an endless adventure across the universe.



In 1998, the founder, architect Huang Shu-heng, driven by a passion for design, combined the unique observations of studying in Britain with the cultural connotations of the ancient oriental wisdom. With many years of practical experience in the academic and government sectors, he established "Huang Shu-heng Architect Office" in Taipei, focusing on architectural design and interior design.

In 2004, in response to the rapid business growth, he gathered like-minded professional elites to form the all-round service team "Sherwood Design". In the trend of emphasizing differentiation and stylization, with the thinking of "Western craftsmanship, Eastern rejuvenation" and flexible and diverse design styles as the main axis, it extends to architecture, interior design, display and commercial space design, furniture research and innovation, and soft furnishings, providing professional integrated services with high-efficiency implementation.

In 2010, "Shanghai Danfeng Architecture" was established to specialize in the Chinese market.



Design Aesthetic


With the ethos of "Western craftsmanship, Eastern revival" at its core and a flexible and diverse design approach, our scope extends across architecture, interior design, commercial spaces, hotel clubs, and artistic decorations.



Love is the heartbeat of life, and faith is the anchor of our souls. We infuse the energy flow of I-ching, the Book of Changes, geomancy, and Qi Men Dun Jia in the East into the space design to create the happiest life script for our customers.

Integrated Strategy


From professional architectural design, consulting, and general contracting, we integrated spatial metaphysics and household feng shui into strategies and management. Established an uniquely positioned aesthetic brand in Asia.

"When imagination becomes reality..."



A' Design Award, Italy (Silver Award: Pheonix)

A' Design Award, Italy (Bronze Award: Gl10 Private Residence)

China Interior Decoration Association 2016

China Interior Design Top Ten Annual Figures

Andrew Martin World's Top 100, UK (Interior Design Oscar Award)

Andrew Martin World's Top 100, UK (Interior Design Oscar Award)

Most Influential Design Institution in Greater China Region at China (Shenzhen) International Interior Design Cultural Festival (Xuanwu Interior Decoration Co., Ltd.)

Andrew Martin World's Top 100, UK (Interior Design Oscar Award)

Golden Bund Award

HunterDouglas's Curtain Cup, China, Residential design Nomination Award (Chengdu Dongda Street Model Room)

Open Design Award for Outstanding Annual Work (Chengdu Dongda Street Model Room)

Modern Decoration International Media Award for Best show flat Design (Central Park Model Room)

A' Design Award Nomination for Exhibition Space (Hyde Park Sales Office)

IAI AWARD Asia-Pacific Design Biennial Award (Hyde Park Sales Office)

China Exhibition Awards for Product Category (Pheonix - Danfeng Conference Table)

JCD Design Award BEST100 (Jinhua Garden Sales Office)

Modern Decoration International Media Award for Best Exhibition Space Design (Dream Pavilion at 2010 Taipei Flower Expo)

IAI AWARD Asia-Pacific Design Biennial Award (New Future Model Room)

Special Prize in Residential Architecture Category at the 4th Cross-Strait Four-Regions Interior Design Competition (Yuanxiong New Capital Model Room)

Bronze Award in Public Space Category at the 4th Cross-Strait Four-Regions Interior Design Competition (Yuanxiong New Capital Sales Office)